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creating opportunities for the better?
opportunity is in a person, never in a tool or substance.



Everyone is in recovery from something: abuse, family dysfunction, depression, anxiety, grief, illness, identity disorder, trauma, relationships and/or addictions of alcohol, drugs, food, pornography, gambling, sex, and more. 

special needs

How can you help someone who needs you?

Don’t label. Labels isolate. When you label someone, you hide their individuality behind a category. The person in front of you isn’t a category—He or she’s a uniquely gifted, precious child of God. World peace may be a bit too much to tackle, but some issues aren’t that complicated. A family living in their car doesn’t need a lecture on the benefits of facing adversity—they need shelter. A hungry child doesn’t need a grammar lesson—he needs a meal.


Christian marriage counseling helps us refocus on our priorities. It's easy for us to get distracted and lose sight of what and who is important. In addition to helping us find solutions to problems and issues, Christian counseling can provide marital and relationship-building techniques


We can restore marriage when we come to realize that marriage must be based upon the design of who created it. What one creates, one also controls. It has always been that way. This means couples need to stop trying to control each other and give "it" to God. Stop fighting and learn to love.​

Controlling each other is improper behavior, but working with each other as a team is appropriate. First, before marriage can be restored, inner healing must take place.


What transforms tender Hearts to Hard Hearts?

Parenting is the most important and can be  the most challenging role we will ever have in life. Parenthood takes time, money, love, support, and much effort. With every aspect of parenting there are certain roles and responsibilities that need to be fulfilled by us. What makes parenting such a challenge is that sometimes we aren’t really sure what we should do in certain situations.


If God loves us, why do we suffer? Christian or not, it's a question that comes up repeatedly during times of grief and tragedy. In times of distress, we want to know that our suffering matters to God and that He cares about our pain.Healing is an act of unmerited mercy from a sovereign God. We do not put faith in faith itself (or men or objects), but rather in the grace and mercy of Jahveh-Ropheka, God the Healer. There is no doubt that Jesus cares deeply for us.

Whether you are unwell or care for someone who is unwell, there are practical approaches to consider:


Life for the most part is beautiful and exciting, but sometimes unexpected tragedies can bring us to our knees in despair. There are situations which can usher a person into an untouchable realm, where misguided emotions lead its victims deeper into the storm driven waves of hopelessness. We are limited in our sincere attempt to console others, but there is One who is all powerful and full of compassion.


Pastors, Recovery Professionals and Group Leaders need help and encouragement too.

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