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At Kingdom Life House, we believe ministry is not limited to the work done by pastors or missionariesMinistry is about believers working to share their faith, spread the Gospel, and bless others, both inside and outside the walls of the church. We encourage members to recognize, embrace, and develop their individual callings and gifts by providing a variety of discipleship, support, and service opportunities for all ages.
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Hospitality ministry exist to ensure that every member and visitor of Kingdom Life House encounters the warmth, comfort, and love of the Holy Spirit, ministered through each volunteer. This ministry is comprised of the greeting team, parking team, ushers, and coffee team. Each volunteer in the Hospitality Ministry seeks to share the love of Christ Jesus by demonstrating care and concern in each interaction.

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Members Discipleship Course

New Members Discipleship Ministry Group seeks to provide an organized and purpose driven approach to the orientation, education, and acclimation of those who have recently decided to join in official membership with Kingdom Life House . This ministry seeks to fulfill this task through the following ministry teams: Decision Counseling, Baptism Ministry, Orientation, and the Connect Ministry Teams.



Connect Team
The Connect Ministry Team seeks to help new members to become immediately comfortable and get “plugged in” to ministries, classes or other activities of Kingdom Life House. This ministry makes a three-month commitment to follow-up with new members and ensures their full connection to the life of the Church.

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Online Ministry

Online Ministry tells the story of God working in and through Kingdom Life House on digital platforms that encourage sharing and connection. We capture events and moments in photos, video, and short stories so that we can share across the church and wider community. Volunteers creatively develop ways to share God's grace into popular social media platform.

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Toddler Town

Toddler Town

Toddler Town is a “wonderland” and fun-filled environment that exists to minister to Kingdom Life House toddlers and preschoolers between the ages of 18months to 4 years old. The classrooms and space that houses the Toddler Town Ministry has been created to attract the child’s imagination and draw them into the learning experience about God. This Ministry teaches children that God loves them, and always desires to be their closest friend. We pay close attention to each childs development, supporting the child's learning capabilty including speech, creativity and character building.

Toddler Town operates on Sunday Services at 12:00pm and 01:00pm. Mid week services starting soon.


Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids a high-energy, fun and engaging environment that focuses on presenting the powerful truths of the Bible to children between the ages of 5 – 12 years old, in a creative, interactive, and exciting way. Kingdom Kids exists to fulfill the biblical instruction to teach our children about God and His love for us through Jesus Christ.


Eternal Parenting

Eternal parenting is doing parenting God’s way. The parenting ministry is building strong families by informing, spiritually empowering, educating, and supporting ALL types of parents who seek to raise their children with Christian values. The ministry provides resources, arranges events, and functions as a community of parental support for church members and members of the greater community.


Womens Ministry

The Women’s Ministry is a safe refuge of fellowship where women are exhorted in their relationship with God and others. The ministry seeks to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of women of Kingdom Life and the community through growth in their faith in Christ.

The women meet for prayer every 1st Sunday and journey into an interactive meeting every 2nd Tuesday of the month through Zoom


Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry vision is to train, equip and disciple men to serve as Spiritual leaders in their Families, Church and Community. Their mission is to provide an environment where men can be open and transparent, where men can gain healing and understanding through the Word of God and brotherly fellowship, and where men will grow together with other men to become better Leaders, Husbands, Fathers and Servants of God.


Teaching Teams

Information coming soon



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