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Encouragement is fuel. It organises and energises the soul to be effective and enables the mind to confidently perform and gives hope to the spirit.

I am Jimmy Osaro, a parent of 3 girls and Children Ministry Teacher at Kingdom life House, Athy, Ireland. I value children, their ability to think, their confidence and creative ability. There is treasure of knowledge to learn from children. They are made in a wonderful and amazing way, but I have recognised limitations in their development - not because of what we (parents and guardians) do wrong but mostly because of the mixed information and ideas that we follow.

We have heard influential voices and organisations try to regulate parents on training and understanding their own children, to a point whereby even Christian parents have adapted to the standard and philosophy of the world. Rather than looking to government for parenting techniques, I urge you to look to the one who created families ‘God and His word’ on how to discipline your children the right way.

The purpose of this blog is to support the relationship between the church and parent. And to lay emphasis on developing the child's innermost needs.

Children Ministry operates effectively when the church works alongside parents - encouraging and equipping parent into doing parenting God’s way, through practical and interactive biblical instructions that point the child to God, while transforming them for Eternity. This is Eternal Parenting. These innermost needs drive a child's identity, how they relate in life and contributes to how they respond and react.

Children need security, significance and strength. To satisfy these needs, we (parents, grandparent, guardians and parent-to-be) have to renew our minds. We have to change the culture of parenting by revisiting the nature of the child, and the parental nature.

What cultural value do you follow to apply discipline?

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