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Preparing the Heart of a Child starts with love - Love for yourself. We can truly love others when we get to know ourselves. Love is a spiritual character and highly influential. Love says that this is a priority for me. This takes first place. All I do is measured through love. You can see love, feel love and hear love. Do we love to feel good about ourselves or do we love to produce excellent living environment for all to enjoy? What we choose to do and not do affects the reality around us. Therefore, it’s important that the motive we love by is for the improvement of life now and for the future not just for temporal pleasures.

Do you observe that your current habits are not producing good results for you, then change the patterns?

We often watch movies before bed but every night our 3-year-old Juniper began to have trouble sleeping. Our senses are channels communicating continually with our soul, which contributes to how we function physically and mentally. What we put in always comes out. If we put in truth, the truth comes out, but is the truth we put in is based on manipulation and fabrication then manipulation, pretence and lies come out. Therefore, it’s important to entertain ourselves with what is good and pleasing to our heart. Violence of any kind is an unsafe influence which produces aggression and vengeful tendencies, mystical and deceptive imagery introduce distractive imagination into the atmosphere of your mind and child’s.

Start a new habit. Be aware it will be challenging, but with patenice and trust in God you will accomplish transformation. Read and watch biblical stories with your children. Occasionally teach your children to be observant, to discuss and examine themselves and the world through what they are entertain with compared to what God’s word emphasise.

Spiritual habits can become such a consistent part of our families that they help define who we are and how we relate to life.

Below are links of some Christ centred entertainment that has been effective in my home. Suitable for under 10s and preteen and upwards.

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